Since hotel policies regarding early check-in (generally before 2:00 pm) or late checkout (generally after 12:00 pm) vary by location and by hotel, please call the hotel directly prior to your arrival to make any necessary arrangements. Direct hotel phone numbers can be found on your confirmation email or on the hotel information page.

If your travel plans change, you can cancel or modify your reservation in accordance with the hotel's cancellation policy as stated during the reservation process.

Hotel room rates vary by date and by the number of adults occupying a single room. To accommodate more guests, you need to change your reservation. You will be notified of any additional charges prior to confirming your updated reservation.

In case any issues arise during the reservation process, please call the regional help desk.

Yes, you can book up to nine rooms at a time. Please see the list of toll-free numbers to contact in your country if you wish to order ten or more rooms.

Yes. A credit card number is required to book a reservation online for those hotels that accept credit cards. For your security, any personal information such as your credit card number or phone number will be encrypted before being transmitted over the internet.

Within 24 hours of making your reservation on Radissonhotels.com, visit the Contact us section of Radissonhotels.com and select “Online” contact method and “BORG claim” for topic.

You will need the information related to your thezabeerdhaka.com reservation as well as the specific information related to the lower rate you found (rate, website address, date found).

Yes. You must submit a claim within 24 hours of the original booking, and at least 48 hours prior to midnight local time of your arrival date at the hotel.